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What Is QVGA?

While researching cameras, I came across a video resolution of QVGA. What is that?

QVGA stands for Quarter VGA = 160x120 pixels. Very low resolution

Carl might be talking about QCIF?

QVGA should be 320x420.

Wikipedia has a nice reference chart: Display resolution - Wikipedia

Note that CCTV resolutions (the resolutions we image, encode, record, etc.) tend to follow different conventions than disiplay resolutions from the wikipedia article, above. In general display resolutions tend to be quite a bit higher than we work with on the imaging side of the business. On the imaging side we talk about CIF, D1, HD/MP, etc. Whereas VGA et al are display related resolutions.

Carl might be talking about QCIF?

My bet is that he is referring to QQVGA - Quarter QVGA. 160x120

Yep. My bad. I was thinking of QQVGA. QVGA is 320x240, which I rarely refer to as Anything-VGA - preferring "CIF".

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