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Resideo's (Honeywell) Latest Security Product - Proseries

I noticed the new Resideo ProSeries security products are showing up at ADI, and there are a few articles about the release of this new system. It appears this latest introduction is an All-In-One (AIO) panel, the PROA7PLUS, which does not appear to be compatible with Lyric's wireless sensors/keypads. However, according to documentation on MyWebTechHome, it is compatible with 5800 series wireless sensors but requires the use of a PROTAKOVER module.

I'm hoping this AIO is not the final offering in this "series", that the word "series" denotes more systems are on the horizon. Looking at Resideo's presentation at ISC WEST 2018, on Youtube, they exhibit what appears to be a typical alarm panel enclosure / cabinet with the label of "Hybrid Panels", but the cabinet remains closed in their video. I'm assuming their is more to come, such as a hybrid panel that incorporates hardwired connections with wireless capabilities, something that could replace an existing alarm panel, will power outdoor bells, sirens, and strobes, won't require replacing all the PIR's, Glassbreaks, smoke, heat and CO detectors.

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