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Reset Button Only Defaults Camera Password - Good Or Bad Idea?

A manufacturer recently showed me a camera, slated to be introduced soonish, with a reset button on the camera, which defaults the password (but no other programming). This camera uses on board recording, too. It sounded like a hilariously dumb idea to me, but what do I know. Thought I'd get your take on it.

Added your request poll.

Does it have a secondary reset button that defaults everything, including the IP address and settings or?


Does he read IPVM by any chance? Cause you make him cry...

Well, I'm trying to be vague. Not all of us feast on the tears of our enemies like you do. And I have to work with these people again. Besides, the people I deal with aren't the designers or the engineers, they're usually Sales or Marketing. It isn't like most of these people can say "oh, yeah, that is a huge gaping design flaw, let me get my pencil out and doodle a fix on the back of this here napkin". I actively try to avoid being a Seymour.

"Not all of us feast on the tears of our enemies like you do."

When did I become the Conan the Barbarian?

Let me ask these Arecont guys here...

Where's the upvote button when I need it.