Request To Hikvision For A 4K PTZ With Analog HD Output

Dear Hikvision,

I have read with great interest about your upcoming 36x 4K PTZ camera due out by the end of the year. I have also been impressed learning about your analog HD TVI offering, reaching new lows in terms of cost, latency, and artifacts.

If it's not too much trouble, could you stick one of those ultra-cheap 1080p TVI modules in there somewhere as well? Coming off of a secondary 1080p stream?

I would gladly purchase several on the spot for an upcoming project, involving pay-per-event video analytics and revenue streaming.

Either with or without TVI I'll be getting a couple, but its just that the pure IP operation of PTZ's leaves a bit to be desired in terms of responsiveness. Although I don't consider myself an expert gimbaler by any means, I can say I track far better with 500ms less latency.

If you can't get to it this release, maybe next?

So why not just get a TVI PTZ? You want both 4K IP and TVI analog?

You want both 4K IP and TVI analog?

Yes, that would be ideal.

This would be used in a situation where naturally elusive targets in a uncontrolled environment would be being tracked real-time by an operator, so responsive control would be key.

Once a target is positively identified as a hit though, either by operator or analytics, a snapshot of the highest resolution/quality is essential, as this image will be presented to third parties for instant sale or subscription.

It is a real, if rather unusual video surveillance application/oppurtunity. Working on that post right now, sorry to be vague.

I need the 4K 36x because a lot of the images will be 1 mile or more away. I'm just hoping the control won't be dog slow because of the amount of encoding/decoding that has to happen before one sees the image.

I could always get both 2K TVI and a 4K IP and try to have one follow the other, maybe by sharing the 485 bus.

Whether Hikvision offers it or not but the TVI PTZ is already aviliable in the US via a legit Hikvision OEM partner. Furthermore, it comes with tech support too.

2MP CMOS , Full HD 1080P, HD-TVI, 30X Optical Zoom, 16X Digital Zoom, 3D DNR, D-WDR, EIS, 3D Intelligent Positioning,True Day & Night

I deployed 4 of those in one of my recent projects, no compliants whatsoever.

HD-TVI PTZs are also available from Hikvision brand thru authorized Hikvision Distribution Partners. They are available in both Standard Dome and with integrated IR. These are 1080p with 30x optical zoom.

Disclosure- Hik Employee

What exactly is the definition of a 'legit OEM parter' in Hik's case?

If you are trying to eliminate the IP latency then on what type monitor will you display the TVI signal? If it goes to a monitor (assuming HDMI or VGA/DVI) you would still get latency on the PTZ controls, wouldn't you?

I meant to a monitor through a recorder.

There will always be some latency. Typical latency for HDMI varies, but 50ms is not a bad guess. Paying more and putting the monitor in game or PC mode can result in even faster times.

But the latency to encode h.264 and decode h.264 is typically 250ms minimum. A lot depends on what the camera load is as well as the client load is.

IMHO, the threshold where latency becomes irritating is the same as it is in full duplex telephone comm, around 500ms.

Once it's greater than that you become unsure of whether your words or movements have been interpreted yet, which causes a conversation to become tedious. I'm sure you had an overseas call like that.

Next time you get that sense of latency on a call, try this:

Tell the other person that you are going to count from 1 to 10 in approx. 1 sec intervals. Ask them to count with you as closely as possible. When you say 4 but hear them say 3 you'll know why the conversation is a pain.

Thanks Hik. Kind of.

Looks like their 4K PTZ has analog (SD?) output.

Still with picture-in-picture monitor, one for instant tracking control and the other to see details it could be sweet.