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Remote Access To Customer Sites?

Target Hackers Broke In Via HVAC Company

How many integrators have access to client's networks remotely? How many clients know that or gave permission? More than once I've busted an integrator for installing a back door (that's what you call remote access without permission.) I've also done gigs where I was the one setting up the VPN gateway so as to provide valuable productive remote access for trusted supply chain members.

How common is the "we just put in remote access, we never asked" approach? I know nationwide integrators do it (ewww!) so it's not just a trunkslammer problem.

Rodney, thanks for sharing that link and brining this up. Great topic!

How are they putting in remote access without asking? What are they using / doing?

We never put in any remote access, back doors, port forwards, etc ourselves. We told the customer this will help us service your system more efficiently and if they gave it to us great, if not well you're paying the trip charge. I worked for a local integrator in Michigan.

I've had customers give me remote access, never set it up myself without permission. Some of my managers had issues with me having that access, more issues than the customer did.