Relocatable Wireless Access Control Badge Reader

Hi all, I have a customer of mine with a pretty unusual request.

It needs a kind of access control badge readers to be used (outdoor) for verification purposes and headcount on areas far from building and manned locations. These readers should be applied to wall or fences, and power supply will come from mains electrical supply.

Being not available close to them LAN points, they must be with integrated wi-fi.

For my knowledge, it exists two kind of readers:

  • Outdoor badge readers, let me say, relocatable, but they need a wi-fi/3G external equipment to be added and powered
  • Portable access control badge readers, that are with integrated wi-fi and battery powered, but they are handheld (and so if left on a wall support subjected to theft)
Is there any mixed type, i.e. outdoor badge readers relocatable, but with integrated wi-fi?
Access control system (central server, databases,...) can be any, being this installation temporary.
I checked on IPVM site before to ask, but I found only one discussion (portable access control), that seems to me not centered on my need...
Any idea? thanks for sharing

You might check out Wireless Access Control Card Reader. That model does not use wifi, but it's own wireless radios. I also think you might be limited on the credential formats you can use (contactless only/no biometrics). They are also battery powered.

However, they are relocatable, have integrated wireless, and can be used with most access systems.

thank you, I saw this post, but...

such product is not weatherproof.

Moreover my customer requests readers HID compatible, and distance to be covered to reach the closest point in which to find a LAN point of connection is over 100m...

thanks again

This might be a solution:

We have a post on that platform, ie: Wireless Access Control Panels

The key issue is that these panels are not readers. These are controllers that readers connect to, but in essence this is an entirely new, different access platform.

what is their current access control panel or would this me a new installation? something like this could get your signal and control back to the controller.

Thank you all for your suggestions. I'll take into account these products' family in my proposal.