Regional Vs National Shows?

A manufacturer asked me about national and regional shows. One question was whether it was worth attending regional shows.

I don't think there is an easy yes or no answer but think it's worth discussing and getting feedback.

From an attendee standpoint, if you can afford to travel / spend time on a national show, they tend to be better in most respects. More exhibitors, better exhibitions, more senior / knowledgeable people from manufacturers, etc. However, for a manufacturer, they tend to be extremely expensive and the attendees can be from all over the place.

On the other hand, regional shows tend to draw smaller scale users and integrators but they are almost very close to the place of the show. Also, smaller shows are cheaper and easier to manage (one or two people, small booth setup).

Relevant to this topic is this discussion - Is Exhibiting At IP-In-Action LIVE Canada Worth $900 Fee?

Like we discussed there, my general feel is that if a manufacturer already has a regional sales / support presence in place, it could be worth it to make a connection to a few more potential customers / dealers in that region.