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Recording Windows Desktop As A Channel In NVR (Virtual Camera)

Hi, can you recommend the best way to generate a RTSP stream from PC screen (full desktop), compatible with hikvision NVR?. I tried with VLC but cannot managed to get a RTSP stream that NVR is happy with!.

For clarification, are you trying to send an RTSP stream from the NVR to the Desktop?

No, the other way, I want to record PC screen as one channel in NVR, so I need to generate an RTSP stream from PC that I can connect from NVR.

Have you seen this info from Hikvision yet?

You say the NVR is not happy with the stream from the PC. Do you mean it's working somewhat, or at least connecting to something, or is it giving no indication of the stream?

Can you use VLC as a client as well to view the stream from the PC?

Have you tried transcoding it to h.264? There's a tutorial How to Record Your Desktop to a File or Stream It Over the Internet with VLC.

I'm using VLC to capture desktop (PC 1) and stream it in H.264. I managed to connect from other PC (PC 2) with VLC but the problem is when trying to record this stream form NVR.

When you view the stream via the second PC, what does the RTSP url look like? I've never gotten it to work, even between two PCs on our internal network, so I'm curious what yours looks like.

Look up viewz ip output monitors. Add as a camera input to most video management systems.

They create an ONVIF stream out of their monitor that you can then record to your NVR. It is pretty neat.

Hikvision DS-6601HFHI Encoder is an HD-SDI encoder but it also has VGA and HDMI inputs. We have used it for encoding the output of a DVR or PC and adding as an IP channel on our NVRs. It is available as a special order at this time.

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Bob Germain


You can just capture the monitor as an analog input with this device and use an onvif compatible encoder. That way you can have multiple ways to record it either rtsp or onvif.

I usually recommend this to my dealers who install systems in bars to prevent bartenders giving top shelf liquor at well drink prices or free drinks to their buddies.

I am not sure of the actual application, but I run into situations where Loss Prevention, that follows people around, need to record what they see on their monitor for cases. In the old days, you would run a video BNC out to a DVR channel. Now you would either have to find a way to output the full resolution out of the monitor (IP Viewz?) or mirror the monitor on the video card to an encoder. (on most you can do this). On a dual monitor display, possibly use a quad video card mirroring the displays (my server vendor verified that this can be done on the cards we use).

We generally use Displayport (not HDMI), but I assume there is a non-loss converter out there which makes Bobs solution above viable (I have been looking for such a solution to record hdmi). This may be viable for a large screen capture solution or to modify a current solution without purchasing special IP output monitors.

The Hauppauge WINPVRs can record from HDMI.

I have also used the Avermedia Live Gamer Portable for on-demand recording. It has HDMI In & Out, and a big record button that you can mount on your desk. Press the button to start recording, and it glows red to indicate recording is on. It can record to an SDXC memory card or to a PC via USB.

Hi Nicolas,

This feature is avaialable in the new release of Nx Witness that came out last night. Recording a client/users full desktop as another video stream within the overall system is now built in as part of the VMS. It's free to download and use for 30 days trial.

Hope that helps!