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Recording Audio For A Camera Lacking An Audio Input?

How to integrate Audio if your cameras don't have "Audio In"?

Looking at camera's like JDV-AF-1080P and Arecont Surround Video series for use with HDWitness

Is there an easy/simple way to "add" audio (1 way, record only)

Hello Femi:

Without an Audio Input, microphone integration is quite kludgy, with the biggest problem being synchronizing the audio recording with video in the VMS. Since audio is recorded in a separate channel (apart from video), audio integration usually consumes additional licenses and hardware.

For example, the Axis P8221 is specifically designed for the application you describe. It costs about ~$350 USD.

There may be other similar devices, but the P8221 is the only unit I am familiar with. Maybe others have similar suggestions.


Thx for the response.

Audio syncing was one of my biggest worries, reminds me of watching some horribly mastered movie production

Hello Femi:

That is a good example. On video, the car door shuts. Three seconds later, you hear *SLAM*.

Try to use the P8221 also for its Dry contacts possibilities ( 8 DI, 8 out)
to launch counter action slike siren, flash or open gates coupled with contact relays

Mic In and Audio Out are a small part of its potential

Now, now, Marc. Your integration/design streak is showing!

I agree with Brian. Some VMS'es support onboard audio, but that's only one jack normally and then you have to ask if you're able to specifiy which camera that audio is associated with or does it playback audio on all channels?

You can buy a supported I/O device like the Axis listed above that has audio in, but thats a sizable additional cost which also usually means having to buy another license. And then you have to aks the same question as above.

I've noticed there seems to be a shortage of integration between VMSes and network audio devices. I guess you can always have a custom integration done between the VMS and a network audio device if you have the money, and IF you get an cooperation between the two product manufacturers.

Or replace the camera with one that has integrated audio :)

I'm open to replacing camera's :)

What's the replacement for an Arecont Surround series IP cam?

How about a replacement for the ISDEdge?

The ISD Jaguars have audio built in, no?

As for the Arecont SurroundVideo, those are obviously more of a niche, without a real direct alternative. A fisheye panoramic might be the next best thing, at lowest cost but with less details. Vivotek Panoramic has audio, so does the Panasonic Panoramic.

No audio on the ISD Jaguar mini balls

Femi, so you want a minidome with edge storage and audio?

John, yes a minidome (a Panoramic would be nice too)

Some of our integrators have used devices from Louroe for audio recording.