Recommended 4k(4096x2160) Sensor With MIPI Interface, High Low Light Or WDR Performance?

looking for 4K(4096x2160) sensor with MIPI interface, high Low light, or WDR performance, and Image Size is from 1/2.3" to 1"..

Any recommeded model? thanks.

Sensor selection is outside of IPVM's expertise.

That noted, we did ask a manufacturer who does have expertise here. In terms of what is being used, he said:

"We really only see Sony being used for 4K. Mainly IMX226 today (previous camera generation used IMX172), and Sony will be shipping new WDR 4K sensors soon.

There is also a low volume high-end market of 4K and 4K+ cameras that use APS-C and 4/3 sensors – also all Sony.

We have not seen anything from OV or Aptina yet that is close."

This is my second favorite site, maybe a good place to ask?

I never understood using just a single axis of the resolution component to tag devices, e.g. 1080p, 4K, 7K etc.

Besides it being less precise, you lose the whole 'geometrically increasing' thing. In the case of the new Canon sensor it's the difference between:

Forget 7K, step-up to 19K!


Forget 30MP, step-up to 250MP!

In any event, Canon would love 7K security cameras to take off, because they sell the glass...

Thanks for directing and guiding and it is much helpful.