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Who Are The Best Competitive Alternatives To Dahua And Hikvision In Analog HD?


As it seems the TVI/CVI market is warming up I'm looking for a supllier of CVI or TVI cameras.

If there are distirubuters here that want to recommend what they are selling I'll be happy to hear.

Given Dahua and Hikvision are the two big suppliers of the respective camps (CVI / TVI), what are they lacking that you would like to see from other suppliers?

In other words, what are you looking for specifically?

Good question. As I'm looking from a distributor POV these brands are already represented and I'm looking for another manufacturer with similar quality to compete.

So basically you are looking for the best competitive alternatives to Hikvision and Dahua in analog HD?

Yep - you put it better than I did :)

With that clarified, what about OEMing / relabeling analog HD from Hikvision or Dahua?

I am generally not a fan of doing that but if this is primarily a branding play, just re-brand Dahua to be "MySuperAnalogHD"?

Problem is a lot of the other companies offering analog HD are doing that way anyway, so rather than buy from them, buy direct from D or H and just re-label?


The difficulty with this is that both HIK and Dahua have massive minimum quantity order requirements (often in the thousands of cameras PER MODEL as a minimum order) as well as requirements to pay up-front, do a complete marketing overhaul of the offering (manuals, web site, logos, private labeling, packaging, etc...). You also need to offer complete tech support in-house (HIK and Dahua will not take care of that for you). And also complete sales suppoort, training, demos, shows, etc... Re-labeling is not a simple thing.

For a single distributor, being an OEM is probably massively overwhelming and costly. Dealing with a real manufacturer's brand or an another OEM's brand is definitely simpler and more accessible.

We have used LTS successfully for a number of years. Their platinum line is OEM'd Hikvision. They have always taken care of any problems we have, offer good warranty support and ok technical. The only challenge we have faced with LTS products is that they can be shopped online, though today almost anyones product can, so we use our own model identifiers on our proposals and cut sheets. They have offered to do basic relabling for us over top of theirs but we havent taken advantage of this and since we really havent had a dissatisfied customer with this product line it has been ok.

Best of luck, you have a ton of vendors that want to sell you rebranded Hik and Dah products.


Regarding OEM we can do most of what is mentioned except commit to large quantaties.

David - since LTS is an OEM of HV, can you tell me how does LTS steet price is compare to HV?


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I would contact them directly at the closest sales office. They arent hard to deal with like some distributors can be. We get pricing in line with what we pay for Hikvision through ADI. We do buy Hikvision for some projects if its a product LTS doesnt OEM.

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