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Recommendations For Integrated Video / Access / Intrusion

We are looking at integrated solutions for small to medium projects. I`d say 5 to 50 cameras and doors in each system.

Until now we have looked at one solution containing CEM (Access control), DSC (Intruder), American Dynamics (CCTV) and after todays news it seems likely that Exacq also will be possible to integrate with CEM and DSC in the future.

I really like the POE+ powered access control solution CEM can priovide.

But I guess its many other options out there, and maybe some thats way better. So what would you recommend?

NLSS specializes in an all-in-one-box that does this. Have you considered them?

Not, yet. But I will have a look. Thanks John!
I`m also hoping to get feedback from other users here.

Not sure if you have access to the product in your market but there is an excellent integrated access control & intruder alarm platform manufactured in Australia by Inner Range called Integtri ( It supports high level interfaces to many CCTV platforms, is highly flexible and affordable. Australia has been a world leader in developing integrated access control & intruder alarm platforms starting with the Tecom Challenger system developed over 15 years ago. The Gallagher Security Platform developed out of New Zealand is also an excellent choice. I believe this is gaining ground in the US.

Thanks, I`ll have a look. By the way we are located in Scandinavia (Europe)

I'm biased because we distribute the line but you definitely should look at ICT.

I've been doing access/alarm and video since 1986 and I have not seen anything at this level of integration.

Access, intrusion and building automation are on-board (so a single platform for all 3) and it integrates with 10 different IP video platforms, with more coming (including Exacq, Milestone, OnSSI, Pelco Endura, HIK, Avigilon, Geutebruck, Mobotix, DVTel). It is available across Europe- there is a distributor in Estonia, not too far from Scandinavia.

As I said, this is a biased opinion but it is definitely worth a look.

Thanks mark. I looked at ICTs website, but it seems like they only have RS485 and no Network options for their access control, is that right?


It's quite the opposite, IP is native (and on-board) and not an option for all software-to-controller communications. They have IP controllers (PCB version and new DIN-rail version) IP door expanders, an IP touchscreen keypad as well as a new web-based IP controller. RS-485 is only available for controller-to-module communications.

In Vegas last April, ICT showed their new 1-door IP controller (POE and DC-powered) with alarm on-board and their 2-door IP controller with dual IP ports (and POE).

RS-485 is always also available even on the IP-enabled hardware (to connect LCD keypads and zone expanders for the alarm portion). IP products are great but there is always an added cost for the network connectivity. If a zone expander is 1 metre away from the panel, it makes no sense to be forced to use a more expensive IP-enabled module. It's good to have the flexibility to choose IP or RS-485 depending on the site configuration or the budget

The catalog shows most of these products (except for the hardware that was shown in Vegas and is not yet officially released):

I have done many EAC & CCTV installations with Genetec Security Center. I don't even consider the two functions as "integration" as the Omnicast (CCTV) and Synergis (EAC) functions are specifically designed to work with each other seamlessly as unified platform. Genetec does ot offer any intrusion detection systems but they do interface with the Honeywell Galaxy and Bosch GV panels via plug-ins. For smaller 5 door/5 camera installations you could use their SV-16 GSC version that does up to 8 cameras and 8 doors. For larger installs, you can use their SV-Pro servers (OEM Dell).

Hello, Fredrik:

It might be useful to look at S2 Security. The Pronto VR series combines Access/Video/Intrusion into a web interface. Pricing is roughly in line with Genetec, and has a clean integration with DMP panels.

I favor the tight DMP-Quintron integration, which integrates Milestone, Pelco and others on the video side. I believe it only works with DMP's XR500, but it integrates both the burg and fire systems, including from a single panel. There are also web, MAC, iPAD and Android interfaces.

If your looking for an all in one solution you can looks at the Kantech intevo. It is running a oem of exacq, usining kantech access control and integrates with all DSC panels.

I'll second the recommendation on Genetec, being a partner. Others may say it's not an actual intrustion system, I would beg to differ. Intrusion is available through select panels from Bosch, and the native functionality in Security Center basically gives you everything you need to act and alarm on the input from the intrusion.

The rest of the system integration from the operation standpoint is seamless, and I personnally have yet to find another system that has user interface as intuitive as Security Center.

The SV-16 and SV-Pro products will take you from 1-50 cameras and plenty of access control and intrusion inputs for small installs. You can also utilize your own common off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware instead of the SV-series of solutions- which I recommend for building high-availability budget systems.

I would also strongly recommend Genetec's Security Center Platform for a Unified Solution in which you can seamlessly integrate EAC (Synergis), IP Video (Omnicast) and LPR (AutoVu). As mentioned by others before the integration with Bosch or Honeywell Instrusion Panels is very native and seamless as well. The true unified platform allows you to leverage the features of all the hardware which is integrated in the Security Center Platform by being able to seamlessly trigger inputs and outputs from any device to any device whether it is a camera or an access control hardware unit. We currently have 4 facilities using Genetec Security Center with Synergis and Omnicast Modules. The flexibiltiy to use different HID EDGE Controllers or VertX Controllers makes installation and configuration very simple. We have also used Genetec's SMC at two of our facilities and the installation and configuration was very easy. Genetec also has a mobile app for Security Center which allows you to view all cameras, control doors, receive alarms, etc. The expanability is there as well. As mentioned by Seth you can start with one camera and one door and expand as you wish. If at any time you have issues or questions tech support is extremely helpful and knowledgable.

Does any body have any experiance on the Geutebruck and integration I know the product from a surveillance platfom however have no experiance on the platform from an Onvif and integation perspective 1 of my customers is investigating

you input on it and good experiances and bad