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Recommendations For Covering Dock Doors - Exterior

A question that comes up fairly often and for some reason end users seem to think there is some magical way to this inexpensively. What do others do when this comes up? For example a row of 16 dock doors next to each other all on the side of the building. The customer wants full visibility to see if people are going between the trailers, etc. Some scenarios -

  • Cameras on the building between every dock door. Pro - Clear visibility between all trailers. Con - Expensive!
  • Cameras on the building up high looking down. Pro - Less cameras needed. Con - Less visibility and the cameras are looking down providing very little detail.
  • Cameras on an object off the building looking back at the dock doors. This I believe is the best scenario if feasible. Pro - Best visibility with the least amount of cameras. Con - Typically expensive because trenching needs to be done, poles added, etc unless there is already infrastructure/mounting location readily available.

Any other ideas/thoughts/opinions?

Just a thought: Are other departments willing to buy-in to this project?

Cameras on every door IS expensive, but putting them in the right position to get details is critical here.

  • Are the logisitics /shipping & recieving people willing to pay for video verification of trailer numbers at the dock?
  • Are the safety guys willing to help pay to confirm that wheels are properly chocked before unloading?

I've seen that sometimes if you can sell the appeal/ utility of cameras to more than just one organizational department, money materializes even for 'expensive' solutions.

Beyond that, I think you nailed the three major options for mounting cameras in a freight yard.

That's a good idea, I'll have to make a mental note to bring that up in future discussions!