Reasonable Rate For Installing Services


I would like to know if any of the member's forum could give me an idea for the following install rates:

  1. Ip Access Control Systems (x door)
  2. Ip cameras

The customer expects from the installer that all the installation work at door hardware must be done by him? I mean install the locks, magnets and so on?

Any referencia will be kindly appreciatted.


Enrique, see Security Integrator Hourly Rates.

Key excerpts from that:

The median security integrator hourly rate charged is $90 to $100 USD per hour with 90% of integrators charging between $75 and $125 USD per hour

The most notable price drivers were:

  • Job role: installers and technicians tended to be billed out at the low end of the range (typically closer to $75) while IT and project managers were at the high end of the range (typically closer to $125). This was the most consistent driver in price variation.
  • Geographic location: Overall, this was surprisingly modest with integrators throughout the US, Canada, Australia all reporting similar ranges. The exceptions were larger cities (for example, two San Francisco bay area respondents had some of the highest reported rates, not surprising considering the much higher wages in that region).
  • Markets served: The respondents were overwhelmingly commercial industrial integrators but the handful of integrators who served residential customers had lower pricing.