Reason For Appearance Of Noise In Ip-Camera Image?

I am getting some noise in my IP-Camera. here are some horizontal lines which appear specifically in low-light conditions.

Can some one tell me the reason for this noise? I mean, is it because of the cameras sensor register configuration? Is it some power supply issue? or is it because of some other technical issue? if so can you please point out and elaborate?

Please find the image attached. The clear image is of High-light condition and the one with lines is of low light condition.

That is symptomatic of low end imagers that do not perform well in low light.

Often it is called dark current - noise created by the imager.

Looking for larger imagers with "better" "low light specification" will reduce this effect. Also, newer backlit imagers help to increase the lighting the imager has and can use.

Not sure this is mainly dark noise, as typically dark noise is fairly random snowy looking stuff, which after going thru compression looks a lot like John's image.

One test would be to cool the camera down to its lowest operating temp, and see what effect that would have, as dark noise is strongly correlated to temperature.

The horizontal lines phenomena in low light is very weird. We test a lot of cameras and we see a fair amount with digital noise in low light but typically it is more 'popcornish', grabbing a screencap from a recent test:

The last time I recall seeing horizontal noise lines was at least 5 years with IQinVision cameras. It's highly uncommon.

What camera model or sensor are you using?

The last time I recall seeing horizontal noise lines was at least 5 years with IQinVision cameras. It's highly uncommon.

From reading just now, it seems that banding was more common in CCD's because of the way the charge is read for a row.

Were these IQI's CCD's?

It has a sony sensor built with CMOS technology. It is not a CCD sensor.

I assumed as much, I was talking about John's IQ cameras from 5 years ago.

So what is the camera model? What are the light levels?

This is known as HVBN, horizontal or vertical banding noise.

It has many possible causes, but is primarily related to read noise from the sensor. There may be little one can do internally to the camera to help this.

In photography a bias frame could be generated and subtracted out, but obviously for a streaming video security camera this is impractical.

What camera model? Is it under warranty? Maybe you have some defective shielding or sketchy grounding in the imaging subsystem.

Some discussion here about this image.