Raytec Vario Power Supply Question

Does the Raytec Variow2 (VAR-w2-1-10) require the PSU? Or will they will work with any 12vdc power supply? Also, will this model work well as not only camera lighting but also to light up the driveway. It will be activated by PIR.

For the w2 the requirement is 12vdc or 24vac, 12W.

You can use any power supply, 12 or 24 VDC or 24 VAC. The Vario power supply isn't really doing anything out of the ordinary.

The question on lighting up the driveway I can't answer. I'll send this on to Raytec for comment.

Hi All,

Yes, the Vario w2 can be used to light up the driveway. White-light is visible so crosses over into general lighting applications.

The question is how much will it light up the driveway?

If you can let me know the dimensions of the drive (and confirm you are using the 10 degree beam) together with the mounting position of the light I can run a quick lighting design for you.

David (Raytec)

The driveway is approximately 40'x40'. Think i will need greater than the 10 degree to cover it. The light will be placed on the garage.

http://ipvm.com/calculator/1UwwPg The camera and Vario will placed on the garage just over the top of the small tree in front of the F-150.

1, thanks for sharing a calculation. Very helpful!

It looks like you are using a camera with integrated IR. Do you plan to switch the camera back into color mode when the white light is triggered? If it stays in b/w night mode, not sure how much the white light will help?

Yes, will switch back to color with the light on. The main reason for the light is that the customer requested a "security" light on the driveway for the purposes of being able to see when they arrive home. Being that I'm not an electrician, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try the Raytecs.

And BTW, love the calculator. I have been using IP Camera Design Tool for a couple of years. It went to the recycle bin yesterday after I started using yours! Thanks for all that you guys do.

We ran the calcs through our lighting design programme. The position is slightly wrong (we presumed central) but it gives a good idea. Designs ran with 10 degree, 60 degree, 80degree and 120 degree. We would advise the 80 degree lens for the best overall coverage of the drive. The narrower angles are too "narrow" and the 120 gives a better spread but loses power.

I'll check if there is a way I can upload the file here.

Overview of Scene

10 degree

60 degree

80 degree

120 degree

So, still looks like the 80 will be the best fit? Does it come with the 89?

yes, the 80 degree looks best if you want to illuminate a better spread of the area. Each VARIO is supplied as a package to deliver 10, 35 and 60 degree options out of the box. The 80 degree version would need an additional lens - the VAR-w2-LENS-8030. It is a low cost additional part.

Thanks for your quick response David! I will update you on the results.