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Rapid Deployment Assistance Request

Good day:

I am looking for some assistance in a small rapid deployment outdoor CCTV set up. I have a customer that deploys lawn signs, that has had a recent increase in vandalism with their signs. A typical install that they install at is 60’ x 60’ and was wondering if someone had had experience in installing small 1-2 camera systems that are stand alone and can handle -40º C weather. I have done similar installs with analog systems 8 years ago, but nothing recently. Given that the costs for these lawn sign rentals are lower, I don’t want to use systems that would be unattainable for the customer- but with recent vandalisms that they are experiencing, they have to substitute material for other rentals while repairing or replacing material. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

lawn Sign image

What do you perceive a budget would be? Would $2,000 be logical? Do you have line power at every location, or will you need battery power? How portable and covert does it need to be? How do you plan on securing the rig? Lots of variables here.

Hi Jon, $2k would not be out of line. Mostly its used in a short term basis and 120VAC may not be available (typical install is 24-48 hours) , so I would have to run it on battery packs. Needs to be fairly portable, larger pelican case housing all devices, I was thinking a industrial tripod used for lighting or speakers for locating the camera(s)- not covert, rather overt to deter any vandalism. The pelican case would be secured to a deck, light standard, tree etc., for security.

In the past we built a DVR system that worked off 12VDC, and had a few battery packs to power the DVR and cameras and stayed in a pelican case, which was modified with low current heater packs.

I was just wondering if anyone else has come up with a cleaner better way to do such a install.

I don't know how low tech you are willing to go for the "rig" as I would call it, but a 5 gallon bucket with a 4x4 post cemented in it would serve as a decent base. Then mount an enclosure (pelican case?) to house the battery device. I would simply use a 1500VA UPS. Then mount a 3MP IR dome higher up on the post. I would simply use edge recording via SD card.

Now this would be an easy to deploy rig, which also means easy to steal. So that's where I'm unsure how you could secure it. Maybe chain it to a tree/post/stake?

That should come in well under $2000 cost and be able to rent/sell at a good markup.