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This is a new format we are doing, where no answer is given and you have to fill in the blank. Answers are graded automatically and scores are immediately given.

Please take the camera specification quiz and let us know what you think.


#Pow I dont really like fill in the blank, obviously it wasn't meant to be super challenging, but I am impressed that it figured out a couple of the answers that could really have multiple formats for a correct answer.

Lol, thanks for the feedback.

Yes, that's the part I want to make sure works well, the auto grading feature.

I already found one potential tweak on the codec 'after' H.264, some people are answering without the . in the codec

Btw, the rationale for fill in the blanks is that we expect it will be tougher to not give any options. With multiple choice, lots of times people can guess from the 4 or 5 options displayed as well as refresh their memories. With it blank, that's eliminated.

Please keep up the quizzes. You don't know what you don't know until you are called out on it. It's good to know what I need to read up on.

Thanks. We definitely want to do more. We've been looking at ways to improve quizzes and we think this will help us get more challenging questions up quickly.

John, this is a good move.

Lou Marrero


Note: we add to add explanations for each answer. This will be included by tomorrow.

1 How many degrees is a panoramic camera?

This question causes undue stress, as the test taker is reluctantly is forced to choose between between two equally valid responses, (180 or 360), when the question implies there is only one.

Ironically, getting the answer right by typing '180', for instance, actually undermines knowledge, by making one think that 360 would not have been correct. At least when you get it wrong you see both answers.

Perhaps "Specify a commonly found angle of view, in degrees, of a panoramic camera."

Test takers can enter both and still be marked correct.

Since ~94% got it right, I doubt there was a lot of stress. Indeed, I would drop that question in future quizzes simply because a question that almost everyone gets right does not help in showing much someone knows.


Be honest: I told you I am not going to use this question again anyway, so why bother continuing with this?

Nice format - more challenging