Questions To Ask Access Control Manufacturers

This Spring/Summer, we are going to tour or visit several access control manufacturing companies. I'd like to get your feedback on general questions to ask during our tour. Of course, we cannot ask business or technology sensitive information (ie: how do people hack your systems?) but we certainly can ask for general details on manufacturing processes/ R&D methods/ sales - management structure.

Our reports will provide a general overview of each company, but what questions are you especially interested in us asking?

Make sure to stop by Onity's corporate HQ in Duluth, GA and ask them if they've fixed that pesky vulnerability in their hotel card key door lock systems :)

Bringing them a giftpack of dry erase markers might not go over too well.

they apparently aren't answering questions either..... all the news stories claim that they have no comment.

you could just show up with a film crew and ask for an interview with the president of the company like Michael Moore did in Roger and Me.

What is their decision making process for deciding which products should be integrated with their system and to what level? The most common systems might include VMS and intercom.

good luck!