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Question About The ACTi E59 And E54

Would the acti e59 or e54 be good enough to be pointed 3 stories up in a construction zone in order to be able to see progress and export images sharp enough for print later?


How 'sharp' do you want it? How far away do you need to see? What details do you need to see?

The E54 and E59 are both fixed lens camera with short range IR LED (former is 5MP, latter is 10MP).

You might need a varifocal zoom and / or longer IR range depending on how far and wide the area you want to cover is.

The contractor wants to be able to see overall status of the changes in the contruction. He does not need facial recognition, etc... When they export the stills, they want to be able to use them in print to make a progress report and show how things have progressed over the weeks.

The plan is to mount two cameras diagnolly across from eachother and point them inwards. The entire area is about 80ft across, by about 250ft.

I had taken a picture with aq regular handheld camera at 4mm zoom, and things looked prety good.


So you need to see 250 feet away from the camera? Does night time monitoring matter or is the day only?

About, maybe a bit less. It is indoor so no night needed.

Those models sound reasonable then.

Thank you. Am going to see a noticeable quality difference between the the two?

Also I can't find in they are onvif 2 compatible.

For things that are far away, the 10MP might be slightly sharper / more detailed (during the day) but I am guessing.

The E59 is listed as ONVIF Profile S Conformant already along with almost all other new ACTi cameras. The E54 is not there but I doubt it's not ONVIF conformant.

Where did you look to see if they were ONVIF conformant? Here is the official page one should check. Do not go based on manufacturer marketing statements.

Well, is it a budget issue? Because I can't think of any surveillance camera that would give you imagery sharp enough or color-accurate enough. Simply put, surveillance cameras don't give you an image that's very "pretty" (with the possible exception of Canon and, arguably, some Panasonic models).

Earthcam makes a few models that shoot time lapse video. They're SLR cameras in custom housings with automatic triggers and LTE modems. The software is pretty cool, too. But they're crazy expensive.