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Question About Geovision

Many years ago I had many Geovision DVRs with analog cameras. I was very happy, initially, but then I realized that their client software didn't allow screen resolution adjustment. This was noticeable when a user had a smaller monitor or a low/basic resolution and then they would upgrade their monitor/video card and had the option to switch to a higher resolution and when they did that, Geovision would not scale. I remember when installing Geovision it would ask your screen resolution. At the time, the only way I knew to fix this issue was to reinstall the software and select the resolution option that matched what the user had in windows. Of course this presented a challenge when the user decided that the resolution they switched to was 'too small' and wanted to change the resolution to something else.

I stopped using Geovision when we made the switch to Exacq (before they sold) and Exacq didn't have these issues.

For those that use Geovision, is it still this way? Also, I'm wondering if there was a .ini or similar file that I could have quickly edited vs uninstalling and reinstalling Geovision? Back then, we didn't have any support, we just bought/built the systems and very rarely did a user have the client installed on their computer to view the cameras, remotely. At the time, with other work load, it was quicker for me to uninstall and reinstall. If I were in that same scenario, today (assuming it is still an issue), I would have had to take another approach to solving this problem since more and more users are requesting and/or needing access to remote cameras.


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