How Do Qualify A Prospect?

How do you qualify a person to see if there is correct fit for your company? While at the same time not upsetting them to the point of not wanting to do business with you?

Do you mean as an employee? Or vendor, etc.?

My time in this industry started with sending in a resume, conducting a phone interview, then the next day joining the owner on a job site to help with an install. 11.5 years later, here I am...

Depending on the type of position, you could offer to just start them on a small job (so you're not stuck with each other for a long time in case it doesn't work out), and see how it goes for both parties.

I was thinking more on the side of a client actually. How do we qualify our clients? However, the idea from Matt was a great thought.

There was a discussion a month or so ago.

In one of the comments, Craig Paisley mentioned his "rule" which I think is great, and I hope he doesn't mind me "re-tweeting" it:



Unless you get positive feedback on all these 4 items,you are wasting your time in my experience