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Qualcomm Debuts Plans To Help Build More Connected Cameras

"The platform will cater to a slew of different functionality, with built-in support for wireless technologies like 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, deep learning, video analytics, 4K encoding and various security options, because, as the company put it during a call ahead of the announcement, 'It may sound like and oxymoron, but the most insecure devices in IOT networks tend to be security cameras.'"

Qualcomm debuts plans to help build more connected cameras

A real threat to Ambarella, HiSilicon, etc. These chips are mighty powerful.

Qualcomm has been promoting Snapdragon for cameras overall for about a year, e.g. Qualcomm Wants to Put Snapdragon Chips Into Surveillance Cameras

I wonder what the price is going to be, might be a threat to Ambarella but Hisilicon is so low cost, doubt it's going to have any impact in that segment.

Also, lot of effort to switch platforms (e.g, Ambarella to Qualcomm).