Q-6045-E Or Q6115-E

I have to get one of these up and running soon and I'm not sure which to choose. Using Exacq and the only thing I can see on that side that's different is the PTZ integration (Q6045-E only). That isn't that big of a deal as I plan to use it for autotracking which if I'm not mistaken, has to be done by webbing to the camera anyways.

Pricepoint is a little different as the Q6115-E seems to be cheaper; I don't need the 20 degree increased view for the application, but if they're same on feature set.....I see the zoom is a little better on the 6045, but that is also marginal. Thoughts?

Hello Undisclosed,

I ran the Axis Q6045-E and Q6115-E through our comparison tool, and you can see the full list of results here.

However, to break it down quickly:

  • The Q6115-E is ~$500 cheaper then the Q6045-E ($3,390 vs. $2,900 online USD).
  • The Q6115-E can run up to 60 FPS at 1080p resolution, whereas the Q6045-E is 30 FPS at max resolution.
  • The Q6045-E is IK10 vandal rated, whereas the Q6115-E is IK08 rated.

Outside of those main points (and the slight increase of optical zoom as you already mentioned), both cameras share many of the same specs, at least on paper.

Please, let me know if you have any further questions and I hope this helps!

The angle to see above in the Q6015 is bigger too then the Q6045

Just to mention, I think the lens on the q6046-e is much longer than stated on this comparison, actually being >142mm... Otherwise how could it be 32x?

Thanks for pointing that out U2. We've addressed the issue and the camera now has the correct focal length.

I did notice from the data sheet on Axis' website that there seems to be additional onboard basic analytics on the Q6045-E like highlight compensation. I did use the comparison tool and reviewed both data sheets before posting the questions. What I couldn't understand is that under the hood, the Q6115-E seemed the better buy unless you really needed the extra 2x zoom or the IK10 rating. In addition, the Q6115-E has double the ram and triple the amount of flash storage. Granted these are pretty cheap, I just tend to think of Axis as the Apple of IP cameras (ex. Apple's base iphone has had 16GB of storage as their minimum standard, you want more to get yourself to today's realistic needs........that's an additional fee).

I was hoping someone here could tell me the additional analytics, the minimal zoom increase, and the impact rating is what makes the Q6045-E more expensive. I don't use a lot of the extra analytics so I'm not sure how to associate them with cost. It would be an easy sell if the Q-6000 integrated with exacq in a significant way (like the one click PTZ control).

First the up to date model of the Q60 series is the Q6045-E mkII (!), which indeed has a much longer focal lenght than the mkI (~142 mm?). The mkII can read license plates from a distance of nearly 300 meters.

But I think the 129mm of the Q6115-E should do it as well in most cases.

Perhaps the Q61-series has to be seen as what it is: the newer successor series of the Q60-series!

The Q61 has a newer chip (ARTPEC-5 instead of ARTPEC-4) with more encoding-capacities and more potential for future firmware-based upgrades.

Picture of both of them is great at daylight. At low light the Q61 delivers a slightly better (=brigther) picture. The Q6114-E by the way is Axis' first PTZ camera announced with lightfinder.

As far as I know the Q6045 mkII is delivered with nearly as the same analysis add-ons as the Q61, but the Q61 due to the newer chip Seouls have more computing power for ACAP Plug-ins.

Good info Sebastian, thank you for sharing. So now.....Do I go with the 6114 for lightfinder or the 6115 for 2MP? Is the lightfinder worth a lower resolution? I do have a few Q3505-VE's (granted they're 2MP) up and they have a great image for challenging lighting conditions, but I'm sure part of that is the WDR (I have not tweaked these so unsure of true capability, but picture is great out of the box).

I have other cameras to give a general overview of the area (outdoor parking lot / entrance btw), the PTZ will serve as a way to get a closer look. It will be well lit, but how well is hard to say until the building is complete (no way to do a lighting survey). Anyone have suggestions based on past builds?

I don't know if lightfinder really will make that big difference? Perhaps make decission by needed resolution?

Not my clip but the only one I could find at night time (Q6114-E)

Thank you both for the info and the clip. I wasn't sure what kind of difference it made since I've never really needed to use it before so appreciate the feedback.