PTZs That Look Up?

What are the options for PTZs that look up.

Normally, we use speeddomes but in this application we need to look up at a fairly steep angle to monitor a device above the camera.

This is an outdoor commercial project so obviously no consumer cameras.

Appreciate any recommendations.

I did a job at a USAF base that used several Axis Q60 series hung upside down. Everything worked just fine through warranty period and beyond.

Edit: Axis has a tech support comment on this.

"We usually do not recommend outdoor installation of the P55-E/Q60-E cameras upside down due to that we have not tested this thoroughly and the risk of water could be standing in the screws fastening the dome. The mechanics should not be a problem.

Therefore it is recommended to use the camera upside down with extra water protection."

The location we installed these cameras were in a desert, so the impact of rainfall was not a practical issue.

Also, with upside-down-dome comes upside-down-picture and backwards PTZ controls. Make sure you can flip the picture (at the camera preferably), Axis cameras typically offer this.

Have you looked at any of the upright style PTZ's, like this:

Quite pricey, though. What's the requirement for resolution/zoom/environmental?

I used to work for Videotec and they have their Ulisse Compact HD. They are an Italian-based manufacturer and it can pan vertically -90/+90 degrees. Also supports ONVIF Profile S.


How 'up' are we talking? The Pelco Esprit HD will do +36° over the horizon at 1080p, while the upright version of the Bosch MIC Starlight 7000 will do +90° at 720p (the canted version does +70°). Street price on the Bosch is about $1,000 more or so.

We do offer our Ulisse Compact range offering +90/-90 on tilt (360 continuos on pan).

The HD model offers a 30x optical, full HD at 60ips, ONVIF profile compliant. It can be equipped with infrared for detection up to 600ft.

Here a link with some footage from this camera.

Ulisse Compact HD 30x