PTZ Recommendation For Synology Surveillance Station Outdoor Home Surveillance

New IPVM member. Using Synology Surveillance Station 7.1 Beta on DS414(4 HD 4TB each). Gigabit home network Cat6 cables. All cameras set up from POE switch. System configuration is Comcast modem>My own ASUS Router>NetGear Switches(2)>local devices(Computers, DS, cameras, etc.).

I got into home surveillance because of identity theft with the brazen person ordeing a replacement credit card-next day delivery-from my bank, intercepting the UPS driver and claiming to be son, UPS driver gives him 3 packages (1 was CC) and the guy actually delivers the other two packages to my house front door to hide his theft. Uh, couldn't believe UPS gave him the stuff but he had an ID and that did it. Thankfully I caught this within hours but this is why I'm into home surveillance.

My application is outdoor home surveillance and I'm using (3) Hikvision 3MP cameras. (2)DS-2CD2032-I and (1)DS-2CD2332-I(mini dome turret). These cameras were/are a good first choice but I have no doubt your advice can lead me towards better.

I do not monitor live but record all cameras at maximum resolution 2048x1536, 24x7. Keep recordings for 20 days then oldest get deleted when replaced with new. No problems with the system and it hardly is taxing the DS414. Based on my IPVM reading I'm also looking at other hardware and VMS options(prefer a standalone system-not VMS on a desktop) but I had a mostly unused SS DS414 (I'm retired) so that's why I started here. So far its been OK but Timeline searches could be better and I'd like them to be faster. However, my first priority are better cameras.

I'm looking at a new house construction across the street for about the next 1 year. I'm located on a cul-de-sac and my drive is too often used as a turnaround. Here's the view I look at with my Driveway 2CD2032 Bullet(4mm F2.0):


I'd like more resolution for this view and think I might benefit with a PTZ that I remotely change positions for to experiment what records best for driveway intrusions. Might like to zoom in on the house construction for a little live view(curiosity) but not live monitoring for surveillance. Why PTZ, well I'm willing to play a bit and really like an easy "don't need a ladder" adjustment just my convenience. I was thinking, maybe, if I got a big dome(DS-2DF7286-AEL):

Another thought is I could replace the 3MP Driveweay cam with a 6MP Bullet (Hikvision DS-2CD4A65F-IZH) but the PTZ sounds interesting. Also I'd move the PTZ to the backyard so I can have easy adjustment when the construction is done. Here's the Backyard now 2CD2032 Bullet(4mm F2.0):

Back Yard

Compatability with SS is important and, with 7.1 Beta (Device Pack 3.5-0831), I'm not sure they currently support a HikVision PTZ beyond 1920 x 1080.

Hmmm. Any thoughts on how well a PTZ works with SS will be appreciated.

I'm open to PTZ suggestions and other high end high resolution solutions.



To complete the story here's my front door cam(DS-2332-I, 2.8mm F2.0)

Front Door

Welcome to IPVM. I also had tried using my Synology as a VMS/NAS, but was unhappy with the clunky SS UI. I switched to a PC with Digital Watchdog Spectrum as my VMS. I know you don't like a desktop PC, but this software can be loaded on a mini or blade style PC, which should save space, if that was the issue.

Nice 'backyard'. :)

I'd be willing to come by and stay a few months to help you. How is the guest room?

Little grass, lots of water.

So much help, so little time. Lol.