PTZ Mounting Options From Warehouse Truss

Hi there,

I hope someone can help me out here,

The application calls for a few PTZ's mounted around a warehouse facility. I will be using Hikvision 4220's. The hikvision CPM mount is really short and I will need to drop them around 10 feet. So I was thinking of using standard 1.5" threaded rigid Conduit to extend the CPM mount to 10'.

The weight of the combined product would equate to around 30-40 LBS.

That sort of weight just mounted above people walking below scares me. How have you guys accomplished this without feeling restless or worried?

I appreciate your concern for this sort of thing! Your customer should be happy you are thinking about this.

There's an engineering mindset that goes: "When in doubt, make it stout."

I have seen heavy duty floor flange anchored to roof trusses or joists using u-bolts with lock nuts. The 1.5" NPT pipe needs thread locking applied, not for structural reasons, but just to keep ambient vibrations from working the threads loose over time.

In airport hangars, I have seen safety wire be required as a 'last ditch' protection if something breaks. A camera dangling by a thin steel wire is not anything more than a desperate attempt to keep it from smashing down on a million dollar airplane (or technician!), but it makes sense.

Undisclosed- You can use any 1 1/2" pipe for that length. We offer extension pipes now but you would need a bunch of them to get 10ft.

The 4220 has a guy wire mounting tab for a safety strap. You may want guy wires or just safety strap in any case.

Bob (Hikvision)