Prox Reader Compatibility

We had a bit of a fuss recently over some reader incompatibilities. A client was previously using CDVI Centaur access controls on their sites, then the last few years started moving to Kantech with HID readers on new sites (and retrofitted one older site). Naturally, the Centaur and HID fobs don't work with each other's readers, and while the plan is to eventually replace all the Centaur stuff with Kantech and HID, that's happening more on an if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it basis.

Somewhere along the way, on the last two sites (both with Kantech panels), a miscommunication meant one new site got a mix of HID and ioProx readers, and another was outfitted with all ioProx readers, which of course, don't work with everyone's existing HID fobs. The one site also got a bunch of ioProx fobs that naturally didn't work with the half of the readers that were HID. (Fortunately, NONE of this was my fault!)

Now I've made an interesting discovery: I was given a decommissioned CDVI Atrium panel, and playing with it at home, I discovered the CDVI reader with it works with both the Centaur AND HID fobs, as well as a Viscount fob. Now I'm thinking... if these readers will work with both the Centaur (should, it's made by CDVI as well) and Kantech panels, we could start using them in new builds to allow use of both types of fobs they already have, and gradually swapping out existing readers for these would put us ahead of the game when other sites are upgraded to the Kantech.

So... has anyone tried this - specifically, CDVI DigiProx readers with a Kantech panel? How about with a Centaur?

The brand of reader doesn't matter, what matters is the bit format/structure that is output by the reader. In the case of the CDVI DigiProx, the standard output format is 26-bit wiegand and this is supported (I would guess) by every single access control platform out there. So you will have no problems at all connecting the CDVI readers to the Kantech panels. As long as your cards are in the format (bit structure such as 26-bit or 34-bit) and frequency (125 KHz) that is read by your reader and understood by the controller, then the Kantech controller will understand it without any issues.

With the exact part numbers you describe, if you're using Weigand to connect readers to panel, it will work.

However, not all CDVI readers work with HID formats (ie: it is an option with this one), so the exact compatibility can vary.

Hi Matt,

I did the opposite of what your clients was doing and replaced a Kantech system with a CDVI Atrium panel. I retained the two ioProx readers and the cards worked without any issues.

I wish I had a panel at home myself to try out with the HID readers, but I do believe you can mix them up as long as you select the correct reader format in one of the options.

Your best bet would be to e-mail CDVI support (support at and they should be able to answer specifics. The other company you could ask is Keyscan, but I don't know if ioProx will work with their panels off the top of my head.

Thanks, all!

The HID and Centaur fobs I have are the same ones used by the client, so I know if I suggest using CDVI readers that work with mine, they'll work with theirs. Far as I know these readers are 26-bit Wiegand, so there should be no problem. Mainly just wondered if anyone had actually done it. I have a few old Centaur and HID readers at well I may hook up to my Atrium to test, just because. It's an AV-22, two readers and two doors, so I'll have to just try a couple at a time :)

Oh yeah, I also have a full Centaur setup from the site we upgraded to Kantech/HID... I think it's one main panel and a couple expander modules. Been sitting in a box for the last year or so, now that I'm cleaning up the garage I may have to set it up in my comms closet and play with it too!