Profit From Gigapixels

Turning security into a profit center is all the rage. And you do not need to be a Microsoft CSO shilling for products to make money.

Universities are evidently turning cameras into profit centers. Gigapixel cameras have been used as a novelty or promotion but what if they can be turned into money making machines that personalize the game day experience.

See Blakeway Gigapixel Sports prints, eg:

Using a social media integration, people can tag themselves in a stadium photo and share it among friends. Once people tag themselves, they have the option to buy a 40" print starting at an unframed price of $40, up to full framed and matted price of ~$200.

Considering that football stadiums routinely seat between 50,000 and 120,000+ fans, even a paltry 5% sales conversion rate from people 'who where there' on the cheapest print could yield $100,000 or more per event. I imagine this number could increase greatly depending on how 'memorable' an event proves to be.

Gigapixel cameras cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but Blakeway seems to have found a way to make real money on the concept.

Any thoughts on this? Would you buy something like this, or is it a gimmick?

$100 to the first person who finds Brian in the crowd.

Btw, I think this is very clever.

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I was not there. However three IPVM readers have tagged me in the crowd since I've gotten emails asking me to confirm 'my tag' since posting this.

Disappointingly, I am not a random tuba player, water boy, or the Mascot for OSU (Pistol Pete).

Of course it's a gimmick but that doesn't mean it won't sell. If it makes them money, power to them. It can also be a way to help fuel and develop more practical security applications.

Stay Classy OSU...


Cross that one off the 'bucket list'...

I can imagine the "Avigicont" ads already:

Replace all your outdated MP cams with GP technology!

One GP cam can replace up to 294.2 MP cams or every SD cam in the state of Wyoming!*

*Claims based on sheer mathematics using the principle of multiplication, real-world performance may be not as good. Contact your local dealer for more misinformation.


"Contact your local dealer for more misinformation."