Retrofitting Analog System - Considering AHD And CVI

I need input (hopefully my timings good) on retrofit for a large Analog system with 28 cameras. Currently 2- 16ch Digital WatchDog V-max recorders which are horrific along with cameras, first generation recorders tech support mentioned today. Client doesn't want to upgrade to network IP and pay for cabling job. Or I could do coaxial conversion with Vigitron as example, which adds cost, I looked at article interpretation.

I have read articles on here pertaining to my situation CVI and AHD "tested" however real life installations, performance, best quality is more desirable. Of which Manufacture is going to be best for longevity by your evaluation, in which possibly this particular technology stays around?

Greg, do you want to move away from DW? I ask because DW is one of the only relatively higher end manufacturers releasing AHD right now.

In your situation, with a retrofit of an analog system, HD analog (CVI, TVI, AHD) would probably be the lowest cost solution but the options for high quality recorders for them is limited.

I'm going to rely predominantly on yours and other inputs, which is why I'm starting here to do my research. If DW is a good choice in this particular venue, I'm not opposed to this recommendation. Frankly I had a good conversation today with DW tech support with no hold time, which always remains high on my list. What are my other choices if any ?

High quality recorders what are you meaning exactly?

Of which Manufacture is going to be best for longevity by your evaluation, in which possibly this particular technology stays around?

Samsung Techwin is selling AHD now as well.

Though their name might not stay around forever, the company seems solid enough.

As a point of reference, the AHD they are selling is for the consumer market and it performed poorly in our test. Now, they are coming out with professional AHD and when that does ship, this likely will change their positioning.

I just a looked at DW VMAX AHD live demo 9 different cameras and it looks really good...this should do it for me hopefully. It will record 16ch all in HD with options for 1-12 TB drives to be released end of this month... thanks John


is the end user satisfied with the operation of the recorder (DVR) or are they looking for advanced search features and such. If a DVR meets their needs FLIR uses CVI, has 2.1MP canwras with 1089p at full resolution and frame rate and we have been shipping 16 channel, 16 TB units for some time. No channel, device or licensing fees. We aren't going anywhere.

Greg (poster is from FLIR

Greg...Do you have 1080 DVR?

Greg, Having 1080p and other features like remote zoom and focus, true WDR as tested by IPVM is one thing. Does the customer want a different interface or will they be happy with the typical DVR/NVR interface. With us they are the same look/operation. M4400 series 16 channel up to 16TB internal. 1080@30 This is in US, I don't know what we offer in other countries. Greg FLIR - Employee.


I have extensively used FLIR through ADI however not analog HD for the record. I am looking at series 4400...If I use FLIR Cloud will future IP cameras in the hotel currently under construction also include anaolog so they "all" share the same interface?

Any speciaslist I could call and chat with ?


Same interface. Same software for IP as HD-DVR. M4400 series will do additional 16 2.1MP IP cameras but no POE built in. I prefer separate units. Same Apps....Same Quick Connect.

My info is public and you can call me. I feel like in talking to myself anyway.


My info is public and you can call me. I feel like I'm talking to myself anyway.

FLIR has the advantage here due to an extreme case of the NLE... ;)

I know you've pretty much settled on some form of AHD or other non-IP tech, but just something as food for thought here: going to IP and using EoC converters is a bit spendier up front, but it does have the advantage of better future expandability.

All these other coax-reuse technologies are still limited to the "one cable, one camera" home-run topology... but put a PoE switch at the far end of a single coax (or a combined switch/EoC like the Highwire Quad), and you could hang several more IP cameras off it down the road.

Depends on what future plans they may have to upgrade or add more cameras... like I say, just something to ponder :)