Problem Getting An LTS Camera To Work With Avigilon Control Center, Any Ideas?

I am trying to get the LTS CMIP3142w to work with Avigilon, but it gets an error connecting. I spoke with avigilon and they said the camera is not listed as onvif capable. The funny thing is that it used to work until I redid the NVR. I am using the most recent firmware and latest acc release.

Any ideas?

I spoke with avigilon and they said the camera is not listed as onvif capable.

I last spoke with them two months ago about it, I guess it wasnt on the website then. Ill have to follow up with avigilon now.

Thank you

According to the certificate date it was there > 3 months ago. Did you give the part number without the -28S suffix? Maybe that's why they didn't find it?

This is why we moved away from using any OEM units from Hikvision or others.

Usually I used hikvison nvr's so I dont have problems, but I know what you mean.

Did you try to add camera manually?

Adding it manually worked. However not it connects and disconnects every second

The issue with it disconnecting is as soon as the microphone is enabled.

Why not replace this camera with a Avigilon camera and be done with this issue?

Or replace ACC with a Hik NVR.

Because as much as I like Hik cameras, there NVR leaves a lot wanting and ACC is much better.

Just curious

Are you Avigilon partner?


...ACC is much better.

Yes, for sure.

New Avigilon Ad campaign: "Find out why 3 out of 5 Hikvision dealers prefer ACC when choosing for their own personal system." :)

These cameras are actually for our office, so there is no one to bill it to.

Thats also why time doesnt count as it is worked on when we are bored.


Because an Avigilon costs a couple-few hundred dollars, you might find the cost of an LTS in your couch's seat cushions.

What about all the time you spend getting things to work? You don't count that? Also the price of the the H3 cameras is much closer to Hikvision and you have system that is easier to install, use and support.

Do you think it's right to reward the manufacturer whose equipment is not meeting the standard by replacing the conformant product with their own?

*I'm assuming the camera did not start malfunctioning after David "redid" the NVR

Undisclosed 1 Not sure what you're implying but I could care less. I want a solution that works every time and having tested basicly every VMS and camera manufacture on the market plus having thousands of cameras in the field I still haven't found anything else that comes close to the easy of use, usability and reliability of Avigilon end-to-end.

Undisclosed 1 Not sure what you're implying...

Nothing besides whomever broke it should fix it.

Avigilon says they support ONVIF Profile S.

That LTS model is listed as ONVIF Profile S.

Those 2 facts are agreed by all, correct?

David bought Avigilon and LTS products, Avigilon should make that LTS model work at the level Avigilon has committed to support it. Yes/no?

I just off the phone with Avigilon support. He said that sound is only compatible with Avigilon cameras. When I told him that I have had it working in the past, I was told that was by chance

Whom did you talk at Avigilon?

Name plz

I dont know if I should publicly publish the name. Please message me directly and I can provide it

Plz get my e-mail from John

and sent me your info

I will gladly call you

I can not see how I can message you :(

David Matyas if you want help getting the camera connected please feel free to message me.