What do members know about Pro-Vigil? They provide remote surveillance monitoring of units they set up--often at construction sites and similar venues.

Is it true cloud? What is the technology at work? Where is the remote monitoring taking place?

I haven't really heard much about them, but they seem to be growing and have had capital injected in the last year. Anyone know more?

I believe that their business model is primarily RMR, with a monthly fee that includes rental of equipment and associated monitoring service, not an outright purchase of equipment.

Their systems are primarily intended to detect intruders and either warn them away with sirens/strobes, talk-down directly through loudspeakers, or dispatch the police with a video verified alarm/crime in progress.

They appear to use relatively low resolution cameras (see their explanation) as the primary mission of their system is to detect and verify that an intrusion is in progress.

I would not consider this a cloud based system like Eagle Eye Networks. Seems similar to the Videofied business model in many ways.

They appear to do their own in-house monitoring.