Product Price Information Protection

Once-upon-a-time, manufacturers' costs for cameras was available only to qualified/certified integrators. Now, more and more, Google will allow anyone with an internet connection access to pricing. And, more and more, this pricing is very close to top-tier/high-volume integrator pricing. For example, Axis is widely available through many online consumer retailers including Amazon.

The question is, are there any manufacturers that do a good job protecting their pricing structure to integrators?

Avigilon. Just as you have mentioned though just about any manufacturer's pricing information will be or is available online with some searching.

Avigilon is certainly the largest / most well known on the video side. There are others - e.g., Genetec, March, IndigoVision, Qognify, Verint, etc.

However, your mass market camera providers almost always allow wide open online sales.

Btw, Axis counter is that they police MAP / minimum advertised pricing and offer volume dealer discounts which is just as good or better, i.e., Axis Channel Model 'Creates Loyalty Like No Other'. Most integrators disagree with Axis here.