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Pretty Clear Camera Footage On The News

I saw this cam footage of a robbery on CBS and thought the images were some of the best I've seen on news coverages. Should be easy identifying this guy.

"Give me my drone back": Thief caught on surveillance tape stealing $3,500 device in Southern California - CBS News

The night outdoor images are nice.

Even with most of the footage being digitally zoomed it still looks great! Interesting contrast between the two overlapping outside FOVs, the one being in color and the other in b&w but brighter. What do you think the frame rate was? Maybe +20?

One high quality video that was posted here already, (but the link is dead now), is this one of a cat saving a child being attacked by a vicious dog.

Ok, the colors and contast could be better, but look how jitter free the high frame rate playback is? And where are the compression artifacts?