Preferred Workstation And Monitor

I’m in the verge of completing IP based CCTV Surveillance system for Military Airbase with 167 Samsung Cameras with 5 Samsung NVR’s.

Now I need to finalize on the monitor and workstations to be used. I have an option of choosing LG 42LB550A and Dell Precision T1700.

Is my section correct, kindly provide all your valuable inputs

Are those 42 inch LG's for a video wall, or are they the workstation monitor?

Those are LG 42" workstation minitors

I''ll be going with 10 of them with 5 DellWorkstations

Those are LG 42" workstation monitors.

Those look like consumer-grade TV's to me.

I'm referencing this page for the "LG 42LB550A" Do I have the right unit? If it is a TV, may I ask why you're choosing a consumer grade TV instead of a pro level monitor? Is it just price or is there some special feature that the LG has?

I'm sure it will display a pretty picture, but my concern would be for durability, esp. in a commercial setting. What's the warranty? In my experience, consumer level TVs aren't rated for continuous duty. Is this a 24/7 display? How long do you expect it to last?

Also, since the displays are not for a video wall, I assume they are to be used by individually by the operator for each workstation. If so what distance will they be from the operator? A 42 inch display with 1080p resolution makes an enormous desktop, and the display may need to be moved some distance away from the user to be comfortable.

Yes, you do have right model. We do have price restriction. It won’t be for 24x7 operation.

Another issue I might face is in choosing right graphics card

Which military might I ask. If it's a U.S. AFB there are some other considerations.

We normally use Dell Precisions for workstations. In fact I have a T1700 going in next week.

Pay attention to whatever the recommended specs are for the Samsung client and make sure you don't skimp there on performance. (I am not familiar with that line). We usually use the Mini-Tower with quad core i7, 8+GB of RAM and nVidia graphics card with at least 1GB of RAM. Depends on how many video streams they are going to display, monitor resolution, ect.

As far as monitors, depending on the environment we also use commercial/security grade monitors. But have had little issues with “consumer” units when not used in a 24/7 set-up.

Which nVidia graphics card are you using, is Quadro K600 series?

Do anyone has experience with AMD FirePro W4100 for CCTV workstations?

We have three Precision T1700s with the W4100 in service and have had no problems. Each workstation supports two monitors, both displaying video feeds via the VMS client.

I recommend minimum 8GB system RAM. I typically spec a Xeon processor when spec'ing a machine with a discrete graphics processor.

We also have a W4100 in service on a system running AutoCAD, and it performs beautifully.

T1700 is a very nice machine if you spec it right. Dell offers an optional 2 GB Nvidia Quadro NVS 510 card that is great, particularly if you are wanting to output HD streams to multiple displays. seems to have some nice machines. Does anyone have any experience with their products?