Precision Edge Access Control Hardware

We have a customer running a Precision Edge Access Control system and they are unhappy with, but of course, have a very small budget for a change over. Doesnt anyone know about their hardware and if any of the pieces might be based on Mercury or HID (something standard-ish) that could possibly be re-used.

Thanks in advanced.

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A long time ago, Precision Edge Access was Novus Edge.

They were based in Austin, and in true Texan form, did everything independently.

Those Precision Edge controllers are not going to be easy swaps. They are essentially proprietary to that platform.

I believe you may be able to use BACNet to interface controller outputs with other monitoring interfaces (usually Building Management Platforms), but I think you're faced with replacing the system for any meaningful changes.

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There is a his chance the readers, strikes and door contacts could remain in place, or is that too obvious to mention?

It is obvious, but a good point. We're not 100% sure about the readers, I'm going to go have to take one off the wall, they look like standard HID prox, but some of the info I've dug up seems like they're 485 communication not Weigand output.

If it's 485, it could be using OSDP protocol. That would be usable with Mercury. Does the info you acquired say anything about OSDP?

Unfortunately no, and it might not even be 485... I hate access control.

I love access control.

Perhaps access control is like Crossfit: everyone who loves it, also hates it a tiny bit?