Power UPS With Logging

I have what I suspect is a power issue at a site, but the customer is convinced it is the security device. Does anyone know of a UPS that can keep its own logs for later retrieval?


Are you saying that the current UPS doesn't log? Or doesn't log locally?

The 120V UPS's I've used, e.g. APC, are Linux computers underneath, and store the logs locally or remotely and send SNMP traps.

What is the current UPS?

There is not one at all. I want to use one in part to help with power issues, and in part to prove my point one way or the other, that power is going on and off. But there is no PC to record the events. The UPS would need to keep logs until retrieved. A tech would need to connect to the UPS locally and retrieve the logs.

APC UPS with Powerchute.

There is also freeware available, such as APCuscd.

I've used APC units many times before and I configured them to email me if there was a power issue (outage, overvoltage, etc).

That may not work if the network goes down at the same time, that should run from a switch that has stable power though.

Also lower end units may not be able to do this. I was doing it on $2k+ rackmount units.

Also lower end units may not be able to do this. I was doing it on $2k+ rackmount units.

Not sure about the e-mail, but I believe they all have logging.

You could also just use an AC data logger. It won't email you, but they are cheap and easy to use (you'll have to go back and retrieve it). You'll download a chart that looks like a seismograph, which could give you a lot of data about voltage fluctuations that could be very valuable. I had a situation where a wireless system was failing and we had a similar argument. The issue was that it was set up in an industrial warehouse and they were getting voltage dips (brownouts). They were fast enough that the customer didn't think anything of it, but the wireless access points I was using were resetting

That may have to do Mr. Bradford, thanks. This is a private network and we are not allowed to send any information of any kind outside the network. Going back and retrieving the data is my only option.