Power Distribution Box Vs Power Supply With Splitter

Has anyone had experience or know if there are any downsides to using a 8 way CCTV power splitter vs a wall mount Camera power supply? 

Xenocam 12V 5A 60W DC Power Supply With a 8 Way CCTV Power Splitter Cable For CCTV Cameras ,LED Srip Lightvs.Evertech 16 Channel 12 Volt DC Output


Always used the wall mount camera power, but the first option actually seems that much easier. 

With the wall mounted power supply, if someone shorts the wires on a camera, you may pop one fuse, but not the entire supply.

Some supplies allow you to turn off one camera without turning them all off. If a fuse blows, you only lose that one. Also, most wall mounted boxes have much higher Wattage available. One camera with a high load won't take down other cameras, as is typical when the temps drop, and the heaters kick on at night when IRs are also on.

Problems with the first one.

1. If the device fails, no cameras working.

2. If the IEC plug is pulled out / snagged by accident, no cameras working

3. If someone is hunting around in a ceiling pulling cables, they can pull the splitter connector, so no cameras working.

4. Crosswire one camera or camera is destroyed on purpose would trip the supply reset (assume it has one) thus no cameras working.

Benefits of first one.

1. Cheap

2. Potentially simpler installation.

Depending on your installation type, small office, a home or retail shop, judge merits according to the demands.

Big Box has many benefits can be wired directly to own circuit breaker ie a simple power line Whilst first can do this, it's not ideal as you would need a plug, so pretty much simple to just turn off. PTC fuses are a great saver as they do an internal reset and not upset rest of unit. Also, you find they come in 9way and 18 way typically. 10 - 20amp is common, and also some with battery backup which can be a consideration for power cuts.

$0.02 :-)