POS Overlay--->Encoder--->Hikvision NVR?

Looking for low cost solution for a customer to get register data overlayed on video. He really wants an IP system but doesn't want/need the high end data analytics, just the information stamped on the video. Only two registers.

Would it work to use two analog cams (one for each register) with VSI-Pro overlay device connected to an encoder? And thus sending the video with POS overlay to the Hikvision NVR.

I see no reason that wouldn't work.

"Would it work to use two analog cams (one for each register) with VSI-Pro overlay device connected to an encoder?"

I think so. Those VSI-Pros only work with SD analog video, you input the raw video and the PoS data, it 'prints' the PoS data on top of the video stream and outputs the combined version.

If it's low cost that you want, why not go for a Hikvision tribrid recorder that supports TVI, SD analog and IP? This way you do not need an encoder and can connect those feeds directly into the recorder plus you can add in other low cost HD-TVI cameras or some IP.

That is being considered but he wants at least 12 3MP cams to cover his convenient store. But has been an option.

And I would like to use the D-WDR feature in the 3MP IP's. I haven't seen that feature in the HD-TVI domes other than the varifocal models.

Have you tested Hikvision models with a D-WDR label against those without and seen a material difference?

In general, we have not found D-WDR to make much of a difference (in comparison to multi-explosure WDR which does).

I do use the D-DWR a lot inside of small stores. It does seem to help bring in the darker areas. But only when cost is an issue. I do know that true WDR is far better but at a cost.

In that case, maybe 1 Hikvision NVR, another 4 or 8 channel DVR, monitor everything via the 4200 software. Still better than buying and connecting an encoder to an NVR.

Now that's a thought! I forget about the software when installing a small single site.

Jason, as far as I can tell, many Hikvision NVR's and DVR's support the recording of POS overlays direct from the register via serial port. Of course in your case since you have two feeds, you need to get a serial IO box that converts them both to TCP/IP, (unless you purchased two small NVR's).

Hikvision has a four channel serial IO converter model. Hopefully the cost would be offset be not needing the two VSI-PRO's and encoder/DVR.

Here's a Hik brochure about it...

I confirmed with Hikvision that it is just 4 models out of their dozens (or hundred or zillions) they offer. So make sure you have one of them.

Hikvision says they will be releasing some HD-TVI recorders with PoS integration support later this year.

Did they mention availability of their serial I/O box which allows more than one register to connect via TCP/IP?

That could be a showstopper in this case because of the multiple registers. Reading the literature again, I'm thinking that the cameras themselves might have to be certain models as well.

Do you happen to have the model #s of the 4 Hiks that will do POS in the US?

For NVR's the brochure mentions only the DS-9600NI-ST, for DVR's the DS-HFI-ST 4/8/16. John can confirm whether these are the four that he is referring to.

Since you have multiple terminals I believe you need a NC-904 serial I/O box as well.

Lastly the brochure leads one to believe that you need to use network POS cameras from their TI-365 line, it lists 12 or so, there may be others.

I am from Hikvision. That serial IO box is not a Hikvision product. It looks like the local office who made that PPT sourced and sold it on their own. The POS integration is purely thru the DVR/NVR, no special cameras are required.

Thanks Bob. I will be trying the DS-7716NI-SP/16 today. Who can I call for POS support should I need it?

Thanks Bob. That explains a lot of the conflicting information out there about Hik POS.

To be sure though, physically he needs some I/O device in the middle, if he has multiple RS-232 outputs and only one RS-232 input on the NVR.

Curious though Bob, is there such an animal as a Hikvision POS camera at all, even if not necessary?

Regarding conflicting information, I would recommend that people work with their local Hikvision representative.

No, there is no POS specific camera available.


Regarding conflicting information, I would recommend that people work with their local Hikvision representative.

In addition, I would recommend that Hikvision reign-in any rogue branches who are publishing under the Hikvision imprint, as in today's age of 'Google', it is naive to expect people will not be confused by such materials like the one above.

Jason, here is what Hikvision told us:

"Our DS-7716NI-SP/16, DS-9008HWI-SH/9016HWI-SH and DS-9616NI-ST/9632NI-ST/9664NI-ST support POS."

They also mentioned new HD-TVI recorders will have PoS support by the end of the year.

I just happened to have picked up two DS-7716NI-SP/16 yesterday! I will be trying this out on POS.

Jason- If you are in North America, You can contact our technical support department.


I will be upfront on this, you will need to provide the serial number and place of purchase of the units. Hikvision USA only supports purchases made thru authorized distribution channels.

Not a problem, I purchased at ADI. Thanks again for the info.

Glad to hear that :)

If you know the local Sales Engineer in your region, they can also provide support.

If you dont, send me you contact info and I will hook you up.


Detailed video of a LTS Platinum NVR with POS setup tutorial. It would appear that these are OEMs of Hikvision POS NVR's.

Have a look at a NUUO Main Console solution.

4CH 1040/2040 NVRsolo with 2 SCB-C31A's should only set you back around $1000 + cameras