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Police In-Cruiser Video Recording Systems

Does anyone have any experience with this sector, and if so, what products/manufacturers did you have success/failure with? What is the feeling toward this market and who are normally the "players".

L-3 Mobile-Vision

Coban Technologies.

Off the top of my head from the IACP show some of the booths showcasing this were WatchGuard (they had the biggest booth), CopSync had a video solution, CopTrax was the one that they were saying you could use Google Glass with too.

Wow, Google glass for patrol work is similar to the claims of 29MP cameras. A nice marketing ploy from someone in sales who does not know the actual needs of the products intended use. Glasses are one of the first things to get knocked off during a struggle so a clip to a uniform shirt at the front or shoulder is much more secure. And since it's an eye wear product, will it be clear glass, tinted or transitional. While driving around during the day, if it's not tinted cops will wear they sunglasses. If it tinted it will be placed on the top of their head everytime they walk indoors and your image will be of the ceiling. If it's transitional, the speed of the transition is still to slow and again, the cop will remove the glasses every time they step indoors.

Most cops and agencies will always put safety above all else so an eyewear mounted camera has some serious drawbacks.

Mark, good feedback!

btw, does this mean you are not taking part in the 'live chat on guarding and google glasses' ;)

Just checked out the link, think I will take a pass.

Great feedback on the players in this market as well as the Google Glasses option.

Does anyone have any experience with pieced together systems versus these all-in-one law enforecement specific systems? I am thinking of using an in/on car camera and adding either on-board storage or a ruggedized NVR and some form of WiFi/Cellular gateway for download when they return to the vehicle yard and instant upload (3/4G) if needed.

I can think of and Axis ( and a Vivotek model (:: VIVOTEK ::) marketed for this application, or a Mobotix S-15D w/dualmount (Products)

Anyone have experience with putting together this sort of system? Pros and cons versus a canned ($$$) system?

Although somewhat dated now, this article in the Police Chief magazine may be helpful too.