Pointers On HD Analog Camera/Dvr Kits For My Neighbors

All of my experience to date has been with IP based cameras & NVRs; as a long time IT guy, it's also my comfort zone.

I want to be able to provide some assistance to my neighbors (we've struggled with a lot of car & home burglaries lately), but often they're either very price sensitive or (this evening's case) just prewired their home with analog cable instead of Ethernet. And have already drywalled, so no going back now - easily, at least.

So... If there's fresh RG59 in the walls of a heavily renovated home, and a desire for 6 cameras with 1-3 week's worth of log storage, with remote/phone access to the live feeds (and in a perfect world, access to logs as well) - any suggestions (or pointers to recent reviews) for a mainstream HD analog camera/DVR combo? I'd rather not set someone with up a flavor-of-the-month whitebox solution where nobody will be answering the support line 1-3 years' down the road.

Many thanks!


Ezviz's HD analog kit works well, it is literally just professional Hikvision relabelled for direct consumer sales (see: Hikvision Ezviz Tested).

Samsung's HD analog kit worked poorly (see: Samsung AHD Tested).

In terms of consumer kits, those are the only two we have tested. I bet quite a number of the ones at Costco are fairly similar to Ezviz, indeed many are likely OEMed from Hikvision or Dahua.

John, that'll work great, thank you