Plenum Rated Enclosure For Ethernet Extenders

I'm in need of identifying an enclosure for ethernet extenders (e.g. Veracity Longspan, Comnet, etc) that is plenum rated. I have a large property that has a drywall ceiling that is plenum rated. Does anyone know of any decently sized plenum enclosures that will fit above the ceiling but that do not require creating a gigantic hole beyond what a flush mounted camera would require? I've seen the Chief and Premier projector equipment enclosures but they are massive.

I think the relevant rating is UL 2043 here. Something like this Panduit AP enclosure may work.

That's similar to the Chief and Premier offerings. I basically just need a small enclosure to store a device above the hard ceiling.

Can you not just use a standard metallic multi gang junction box? I think there are some specific locales that require plenum rated boxes even if metallic but I think that's unusual. Most AHJs just accept a typical metallic gang box.

Only one way to find out.

Is $40 too much?

This is an accessory for said part below and not a stand alone product. A metal j/b box should be sufficient.