Please, I Need A Nannycam Recommendation.

I need to keep track of my aging, senile mother in law in her apartment. Mostly indoors, although a camera outside near her front door is helpful.

Some key points that might help:

  • She has cable internet, but no wifi yet. It can be added if needed.
  • Cameras that can see 75 - 120 degrees wide are preferred.
  • I need remote viewing from my iphone and wife's andriod.

What is the best camera or system I should look at?

Have you looked at Nest (formerly Dropcam)? See our reports:

New Google Nest Cam Tested

It is easy enough to setup and use on smartphones, but you'll need to add wifi in the apartment to allow it to work. It also has two-way audio which may help in this situation.

The FoV is a match for your application too. How many different rooms do you need to cover?

Do you want a fixed/mounted camera or something that can be placed on a tabletop?


You might want to try the FLIR FX PRO which can be bought now at some of your favorite places. It can be desktop, it can be outdoors with an enclosure, it is WIFI and has audio both directions. The PRO version comes with a free year of Advanced Cloud Features and the iPad app allows you to view 4 cameras at once.

Hey, a guy has to pitch a product when he can, right?


We just launched a new Pixpo HD care cam with remote call button. Other then typical IP camera functions, it has a remote call button, good for elder care. Real time push notification works good on Android phone, notification function for iPhone still in progress. It support SD card recording and remote playback from your phone. Our camera has very low bitrate. You can connect to a lan port by wire, or use Wi-Fi router.