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Please Help With Verifone Ruby 2 POS Integration

I have no clue how to make the physical connection from the register to my VMS. I know the VMS side but I don't understand what cable I need.

The register is a Verifone Ruby 2 and the printer is a Citizen CT-S2000. Looks like cat5 from the register to a DB25 adapter on the printer. I suspect that I need to split that connect and send one to the VMS. Can I make the split with rj45 splitter before it connects to the adapter? Or do I need a db25 splitter and run serial cable to the VMS? Or am I completely on the wrong path?

What's your VMS? What type or format of interface does the VMS need / require?

Digiop VMS. It accepts TCP or serial. But the server does not have serial port.

Does the printer have an output port?

No output from the printer that I can see.

Thanks, that pic helps. Sometimes you can integrate with the printer where the 'price pole' is normally attached. In this case, that isn't an option.

Jason what you will want to do is program one of the rj45 com ports on back of the ruby to be a virtual printer port. Then make a traditional cat 5 data cable then at the dvr use a rj45 to 9 pin adapter to be a null modem. I will post some pics later today. I wouldnt T tap of the current printer

Could I just use an rj45 to usb at the nvr? Or does the rj45 have to connect to the db9 adapter which is connected to db9 to usb?

Still have not had success with this project. Could you post your pics? The verifone service provider has no idea about the virtual journal.

U will need a usb to serial adapter at the nvr side

So, the usb into the server and then just find the right com port for the specific usb to send the data into VMS?

And should I have a register tech program one of the ports as virtual printer or is it something anyone can do?

My customer's district managers know how to program the com ports on the back of the Ruby Terminal to a Virtual Journal. But I also work with the local POS Register Service Provider. Each Ruby Register will need this done. Then at the DVR/NVR you will need a USB to Serial Adapeter. We have been using the Trendnet. Plug 1 in at a time and see which com port Windows assigns to it by looking at the Device Manager. Verifone has a RJ45 to 9 pin NUll Modem Adapter that is RED that works or make your own. We have customer using Digiop this way. The only time that this will NOT work is if the printer at each register virtually prints a journal. The old old printers acutally had a second roll paper that printed the journal. if this is the case yoiu have T Tap by a 3 female RJ45 Adapter and still use the RJ45 to 9pin Null Modem at the DVR side. It's said that DIGIOP couldn't help you out on this.....Remember you can use hyperterminal or putty to see the raw data with your laptop and USB to serial adapter to see if you transmitting data. Have you done POS integration before?

Can you tell me the part number for the trendent serial to usb? I am using TU-S9 and it is not working.

This is the first pos for me. That's why my questions seem so elementary. I really appreciate the help.