Please Please Please Help Genetec Win This Award

[UPDATE April 2014: Genetec has lost to a van.]

Take a look at a string of 8 consecutive Genetec tweets:

Genetec, apparently, really, really wants to win "Tomorrow Facilities Maintenance" award.

Awards are idiotic (e.g., 1, 2, 3), but usually they at least pretend to be relevant to the award winner. And I get Genetec is desperate for any sort of validation for their VSaaS (e.g., the Saddest Case Study Ever).

Decide for yourself - here's the voting form.

I must warn you though, Genetec faces some fierce competition here - including a coffee machine, kneepads, and a mop.

Dear FM contest,

Here's 5 Reasons why Genetec is better than a mop:

1. Genetec does not smell weird after it is used.

2. Mop only has one handle. Genetec has many potential logins.

3. You have to clean a mop. Genetec is always basically fresh.

4. A mop is made of cotton and wood, which is scarce. Genetec is made of 1s and 0s (which are infinite), and is more sustainable.

5. VSaaS is cloud based. You need a closet or a little bucket cart for a mop.

How soon until Avigilon dealers take us to task for being biased and having no right to criticize Genetec? Any moment now...

John - you are biased and have no right to critisize Genetec.

Thank you!


John has rights to criticize anybody any time even you !

Mike is quite articulate and informative.


At this level of the conversation already I have AGAIN the feeling this conversation leads to another irrelevant topic "companies I hate" bashing.

Since my subscription to IPVM 2 years ago, in my perception, the objective informative level of the articles appears to have decreased, and the topics more and more seem to ridiculise "enemies" instead of throwing with facts and figures.

I do understand people have the need to make sarcastic converstions to have a little fun at their job, so do I, but please do this behind scene and keep this forum professional. That was the main reason why I subscribed in the first place : Objective relevant professional information on the surveillance industry.

Maggy, compared to 2 years ago, we are releasing tests and reports at a far faster rate. Scan our test directory and you will see that. We also now have Carlton doing full time reporting on cases, contracts, legal issues, etc. which we never had before. And, Brian was not here 2 years ago, back then, we had no real access control coverage, no courses and only rudimentary training - see our training and tutorials now.

We do have a lot more objective information now. At the same time, especially as our discussions section has grown, there is a lot more informal / subjective banter (like the gun rights / security system mega-debate ongoing now). My hope is that members pick what parts are most useful to them.

As for this discussion specifically, I do think this incident reflects a much broader problem for Genetec. Genetec can just dismiss this as people 'hating' on them, but they'd be missing an opportunity to better reflect on their overall positioning.

  • Can Stratocast be a big success?
  • If Stratocast can be a success, why are they releasing case studies with Chinese buffet restaurants and begging for votes in a janitor contest?
  • What are they doing to stop the strong incursions by Avigilon into the middle of the market?
  • How are they dealing with Milestone releasing a line of NVR appliances and beefing up their sales and marketing efforts in Genetec's home markets?

I will cast my vote for the coffee machine. As an avid coffee drinker, the possibility of calmly customizing my coffee using my iPhone is a very cool feature :)

I voted for the Saver Safe Evacuation Chair - Ferno. I have no idea what it is, but I really hope that it's a kinder, gentler ejection seat for my Batmobile.

Here's a video of the chair:

It's puzzling that all these varied products are competing for the same award.

Too expensive. This could do the job for less:

Cheap Alternative

If its a tie, I hope its between Redback Kneepads and Beaver Floorcare - both on p. 23. You'd think those products should work well together. (Who comes up with these names anyway?)

It beats IndigoVision's offer:

"It's the season of goodwill and IndigoVision, a global leader in networked video security, is donating $1 for each new LinkedIn follower registering before January 1st 2014.

Our aim: to raise $25,000 for children's charities around the world.

Simply go here and click Follow in top right corner.

So that we can raise maximum amount for charity please then Share with your Connections.

Here's to a healthy and successful 2014!"

It's 9 days since the close of their registration period and IndigoVision has a total of 1938 followers.

I imagine that most of the current followers are not new, so how much did they raise, and what charity is going to be the benefactor?

Maybe they should donate to one of the Avigilon charity contest losers.


"Professor N Chockalingam of Staffordshire University"

- sounds phoney to me ;-o

"the only kneepad in the world to contain leaf-spring cushioning technology" - Haven't they heard of coil springs? Leaf springs are sooo 60's

Oh! :~0

Did any of you watch the "coffee machine" video? I am so voting for the coffee faucet.. The young lady in the revealing dress is very convincing!


Milestone strikes again!

I really don't understand Genetec's strategy anymore, they're all over the map. I feel like it's similar to Microsoft (Genetec) Vs. Apple (Avigilon), and unless Genetec get's a proper strategy in place quick they're going to lose some serious market share.

I'm out on the coffee machine. Didn't anyone else notice that you have to shake your own cinnamon on your dolce latte?

Oh, I'm out on Maggy also. Party Pooper.

Fantastic ! Waaauuw... great party....

Can't wait for the after party...

UPDATE: Award Winners Announced. Genetec bested by a mobile training van, a services web portal, and a driver's education simulator:

Remember: The honor is being nominated, and there's always next year.