Please Explain This Avigilon Game To Me

Video embedded below:

Two things:

1) Huh? What?

2) It's a me-too feature, there's not much money for Avigilon to make here, and it's hard for people to get excited about access control. So why showcase it?

"and it's hard for people to get excited about access control." a small piece of Brian just died...

Lol, that's funny!

He sees our numbers, he knows what people get excited about it.

Access control is a fundamental element of security systems, it just does not have the growth, revenue nor sex appeal of megapixel cameras or video analytics. Not close.

agree to that... what needs to be done to change that? what do you think needs to be done to change that or do you feel it will always remain as you stated?

Technological innovation drives revenue growth which drives market appeal. This is true for access, video, whatever. Avigilon crushed it with MP cameras at the right time (2008 - 2013) with the right solution.

For access control, there are incremental advances (wireless access lock use is one), it's just not big enough for people to say "Let's throw out our old readers / panels / software" or to get mass expansion to non-electronic openings. I am not sure what ever will. Biometrics perhaps if you could get cost low and reliability high but that's no easy task.

If there is a God then Axis will have a brick and mortar version of their extreme Professor Smashmount game.

All my training may just pay off.

Avigilon Fail to do integration with Lenel Access Control at KFMC Medical City in Riyadh - KSA

SI facing big problem


  • Show coverage then become more of a critique of stunts and marketing tricks, detracting us from testing, research, etc."

Yep, that's why I threw it up as a discussion in 2 minutes so we could continue working on testing. We just published a test video on this image enhancement software and are focusing on concluding testing of Axis video analytics.