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Place Mirrors To Reduce Camera Count?

While a flashing LED may have some deterrent value, it would perhaps lose this value over a period of time. I wonder if anyone has used strategically placed mirrors to bring down the camera count and still act as a strong deterrent. If so what has been the experience. What are the pros and cons of using them.

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I think the black plastic bubbles in ceiling tiles is a better option. You can never really tell if there is actually a camera behind them.

At the place I work for, we used to use mirrors as a back up shot if we could not have a direct shot to something. That is the only time I have seen mirrors be used.

I find your comment very interesting. Did you every try to capture images from two mirrors onto a single camera? If not, do you think you could try it without going too far out of the way? I shall be obliged to hear about your experience. Thanks in advance.