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Better Motion Detection Alternative For An Axis Camera?

I want to use the built-in Milestone VMS motion detection on an Axis P1354-E camera. It works well enough, but I noticed that I have seasonal issues with the shadows caused by nearby trees during strong sunlight.

I can think of two obvious solutions:

  • The first is to buy some sort of Axis add-in to do proper in-camera analytics.
  • The second is to use a PIR and connect it to the input on the Axis camera.

My initial research shows that the P1354-E has a 3.3 V DC power output for aux equipment. However, I have not found any outdoor rated PIR’s that can operate the 50+ feet to cover the vehicle gate. My goal is to trigger on gate activity.

EDIT: This is obviously NOT an Axis P1354-E image. It is the analog camera I want to replace with a P1354-E. I have shadowing issues with the analog camera, and I'm positive I will have the same issues with the Axis P1354-E.

Something in the Optex Redwall SIP lineup could work, but it would take more than 3.3VDC for power. You can specify battery power for those units, or use PoE. Do you have other power options aside from aux camera outputs?

The Redwall units have a direct integration with Milestone, but with a fixed camera (not PTZ) that is likely a marginal benefit. The detection range typical to the line of SIP sensors is show below:

I will be using PoE for the Axis P1354-E. I wasn't planning to run a seperate power cable, but I suppose I could.

Not to get off topic, but what is the 3.3 V DC power output typically used for? Axis manual says "for aux equipment", but apparently not a PIR?

Well, there ARE sensors that run off 3.3 VDC (Take the Optex BX-80NR for example) but your application requires a bit of 'beam throw' through air.

The BX-80N would be a fence-style sensor that would require you mount it to the fence rather than under the camera.

As for the usefulness of the 3.3V output, there is a host of literal 'Bells & Whistles' that can be powered; strobes, sirens, microphones, annunciators, stepper motors... you name it.

May I suggest Axis Motion Detection 2.1? Ethan and Derek have this on the short list for testing. The claim is that it is "specially suitable for motion detection in low traffic areas" but "variable lighting conditions or image noise will not trigger any false detections."

I spoke with Axis. They offered one other alternative, Cross Line Detection, to compare to PIR and VMD 2.1.

Axis elaborated on the difference between Cross Line Detection and VMD 2.1, noting:

"Both do a pretty good job in outdoor scenes. VMD 2.1 gives you a little more flexibility as you can create include/exclude windows that are irregular polygons with many segments. It allows you to really define your zones and not be tied to the traditional square based zones. VMD has no setup or parameters to adjust so it is a bit limited in terms of how you can tune it for the application.

CLD is basically a trip wire which can have up to 2 segments. You can then choose which direction of travel across the line will cause a trigger, or it can trigger in both directions. If he’s looking to just see when the gate is opened then CLD may be a better choice. If he wants to get more granular with include/exclude segments then VMD 2.1 may work well for him."

Cross Line Detection costs ~$29 so price is minimal.

AgentVI might be another option. Their software loads on the Axis camera and is supported in Milestone. They have more analyitcs options than just Cross Line Detection (CLD).

More expensive than the Axis $29 CLD John H. mentioned.

My feeling is that motion detection or cross line doesn't distinguish shadows or animals or vegetation especially in a deep field of view, like here.

I doubt that it could work with good results, PIR is much better (if PIR for pets) I have tested my self in my garden by night, embedded motion, then server motion (CPU consuming) then Analytic basic detection (no category) by server. Analytic limits wrong detections (just car lights should be masked from detection zone) and never miss a positive, even by night. (with IR on the zone )

Hello Aaron,

Have a look at this Intrusion Detection solution for AXIS cameras (see how it works, see how to configure)

very best regards, Tom

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To meet your needs, OPTEX has battery operated versions for the following product models: SIP-3020WF, SIP-4010WF, SIP-404WF. These models will give you 3 to 9 VDC through battery operation. Our recommendation is to use the SAFT Lithium Battery Li-SOCI2 3.6V. Typically, this will give you up to 2-3 years of battery life based on actual installation environment.

The one difference I'd like to point out is that these models DO NOT have the Creep Zone Detection feature.

See IP Integration and Connection with OPTEX Detectors into VMS.

I hope this helps! Feel free to contact me if you need further help!

I've used Optex and similar products for this, with more success than analytics. You get false alarms with Optex, but that's not really as much of an issue if you're integrated with a system where you can validate the validity of the motion, versus having it tied into a central station that gets 10 false alarms a day. If you have a good experience with your final result, please do share.