Piggybacking Second VMS Onto Indigovision System?

We have a potential customer keen to trial a video analytics system, however for at least the next year they are "trapped" with an all-IndigoVision surveillance system (cameras and VMS), and it seems that IndigoVision don't / won't provide a suitable SDK for integrating the video analytic. The simplest solution for a trial could be to bring along one of the more open VMS that integrate with the analytic already, and piggyback it onto the cameras, but as I understand it you can't do that at all with IV cameras, you can only use them via their VMS - is that still true these days with ONVIF etc?

Does anyone have any experience in attempting anything similar to this, or able to offer thoughts or opinions?

Is the only solution to bring new cameras as well as VMS for the trial (argh!) and ignore the IV system altogether?

IndigoVision lists 25 ONVIF conformant cameras. ONVIF's website doesn't allow direct links to search results but you can search for Indigovision devices here.

If you have one of those 25 cameras and an analytics platform that can ingest an ONVIF stream you should be able to a trial, at least to see how the analytics perform. Of course, that still does not solve how to monitor it from a single interface but you should be able to do a trial.

Undisclosed Manufacturer - lease contact the IV support manager Raymond at partner.support@indigovision.com . He specialises in supporting our SDKs including the Video SDK which should allow you to integrate with third party analytics systems.