Pick The ASIS 2013 Accolades "Peoples Choice Award"

The applicants for the ASIS 2013 'Accolades' have been revealed and the 10 'winners' announced. However, there will be a "People's Choice" award given to the entrant with the most votes from show floor attendees:

We have already covered most of the bigger nominees. However, take a look at the list and post your best guess which one captures the "People's Choice" vote. Will attendees be enamored by a video surveillance camera? How about a plastic plug lock? Or will video analytics or intercom product win?

(Also: If another product on the list catches your eye, let us know.)

This should be fascinating, not because it will reveal the 'best' product, but for the sociological implications. With so many products and such little information, I suspect large companies will dominate the vote, as many will default to companies they know.

Carlton, it would be worthwhile if you can try to find details when the choice is announced (total votes cast, # for top vote getter, etc.).

The HID entrant wins 'most mysterious'. I guess we all have to wait until opening day for the unveiling:

So who won? I can't find any reference online to a 'People's Choice' winner?

Yeah, Rhodes, give us some updates on this.

I've sent emails to Leigh McGuire (ASIS Marketing) asking for the winner. I'll post her response when I get it.